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JT Asphalt specializes in making public asphalt mixes including:

9.5MM Type I & Type II

Used for driveways/ light traffic, no big trucks, no heavy traffic, surface mix


Medium traffic, similar to a topping, surface mix

19 & 25MM

Used as base course asphalt mix

OGI- open grade inner layer; used as self-leveling mix,

4.75MM- fine asphalt surface mix; used for driveways (should appear before icon 9.5MM)

Processed and Unprocessed Millings.


GDOT Certified

At JT Asphalt, we understand the need for our customers to be able to stay competitive and remain profitable, so we strive to deliver high quality mix designs that meet Georgia Department of Transportation specifications. JT Asphalt is proudly on the GDOT Qualified Products List, which gives us the ability to provide all GDOT approved mix designs as well as processed/unprocessed millings all for an affordable price.

Tested daily to ensure high quality

We are dedicated to meeting and exceeding the highest standards of excellence in order to provide the best quality product there is. To ensure this is achieved, we test our mix designs daily in a Quality Control laboratory in order to guarantee a consistent yet reliable product.


Notable Credentials:

GDOT QPL Plant #45, Dekalb County LSBE, Clayton County SLBE, Certified Public Weighers, GDOT Certified QC Level 2 and Level 1 Technicians, DBE certified, official bonded and licensed manufacturer.

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