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JT Asphalt is a family owned asphalt plant producing high quality asphalt mix in the Greater Atlanta Area.
At JT Asphalt we value you, the customer, by offering convenience, dependability and affordability!

We deliver multiple high quality mix designs for any paving effort, from driveways to highways, all for an excellent price! Our plant is located in East Atlanta, off of Moreland Avenue, between I-20 and I-285. This prime location provides easy travel access to and from any job site in the Greater Atlanta Area.


9.5 Type I & Type II – Used for driveways/ light traffic, no big trucks, no heavy traffic, surface mix

12.5 – Medium traffic, similar to a topping, surface mix

19 & 25 – Big Trucks, heavy traffic, patching,
subsurface mix, goes underneath surfaces mixes

OGI - The Open Graded Inner layer is used to prevent the cracks in pavement from coming back.

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Our expertise is asphalt, but our passion is you, the customer.
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